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You Have Digital Banking Questions, We Have Tech Answers! (Part 2)

We’re back with Part 2 of the Q&A with our CEO, Adrian Moise, and Director of Product Design, Matthew Corstorphine! They had a lot to share last week, and have even more tidbits to share this week on...

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You Have Digital Banking Questions, We Have Tech Answers! (Part 1)

If you work in a bank and the thought of the future of digital banking overwhelms you, we get it. You may have questions about what to do, who to work with, and what to be on the lookout for. Don’t...

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To Partner or Not to Partner? That is the Big Banking Question

You’re a CTO at a bank and you need to rebuild your digital banking app. You ask yourself, “Do I hire an internal team of technology specialists or partner with an organization that’ll build the tech...

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How Two Geeks Accidentally Built Aequilibrium's IP

[dropcap style="no-background"] I [/dropcap]was flipping channels on the TV the other day and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a commercial air on TLC for the show "I Didn’t Know I Was...

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Feels Like Home

Bear with me while I walk you through my journey to Canada and how I began working at Aequilibrium—a software digital product development and design agency. First things first: I finished my first...

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