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Vulnerability at Aequilibrium: Why Does it Matter?

Vulnerability is a pretty hot buzzword, especially when used in the workplace. But what does it mean? How do you create a work environment that encourages your employees to be vulnerable and what...

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What my children’s books taught me about running a business

Growing up, we’ve all read the common kids’ books where the moral of the stories are quite simple—never give up, work hard for something you care about, and treat others the way you want to be...

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What is an intentional team?

“You’ve built an intentional team, you should write about that!” These were the words coming out of our Marketing Manager’s mouth in a content planning meeting. What was going on in my mind was,...

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Business Lessons

Life experiences, even if they’re unrelated, can give you valuable lessons that you can apply to vastly differing scenarios. These are some lessons that have stuck with me from unexpected sources...

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The “i” in Aequilibrium: Finding my fit in startup life

Not too long ago, I thought that the only people who could make it in a startup were the super-savvy ping-pong-playing coffee-fueled coding geniuses of the world. I wasn’t sure how a routine-oriented...

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