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The VR Reality

Enriching media. Throughout the 20th century, visual recorded media has always (both literally and figuratively) placed a physical constraint between its consumer and its creator. Shows, movies, and...

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Feels Like Home

Bear with me while I walk you through my journey to Canada and how I began working at Aequilibrium—a software digital product development and design agency. First things first: I finished my first...

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Women in Tech

Why aren’t there more women in tech? Sometimes I wonder why I ask this question—being one of the few women in tech means I have an almost private bathroom and a very low risk of ever having to share...

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Two months.

Two months. That’s how long I’ve been at Aequilibrium—a Vancouver-based digital product development and design agency. It all started three months ago, the day after the last exam of my undergraduate...

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Get your fix, fast.

Ditch the lineups. Starbucks brings mobile pay and coffee together. Mmm. It’s the start of our day. Our fix. Our mid-afternoon lazy, sleepy pick-me-up. Our excuse to take a break. Our reason to meet...

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